HCC 2019

Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 26-27 October 2019

2019 HCC Tides and Boat Choice from Tom Simmat
As at 20 Oct 2019 start times have been adjusted to better accommodate the bridgeworks at Windsor:

  • Brooklyn or Bust Singles at 4:15pm
  • Women start at 4:30pm
  • Brooklyn or Bust Doubles start at 4:45pm
  • MRec1, Dash, Relay, Sup, C2 start at 5pm
  • LRec1, LRec2, K1 start at 5:15pm
  • UN1, UN2, ORS1 start at 5:30pm

BUT this is subject to change - check on HCC website here

Everyone starts WITH the tide, but the tide turns against you, generally between checkpoints B and C. there is a brief tide against you, through Snackville, then the tide turns with you; (the fast guys at about Checkpoint G and the slower guys between E and F. So somewhere about the big W. The tide is with you then through Wisemans to the finish for the fast ones and slower ones will catch the turn at about Spencer.

You need to try and finish before the tide turns near the finish at about 2:30am. That is a race time of about 10hr 45min for women and 9hr 30 min for men, otherwise you will be battling a very strong tide against you between Spencer and the finish.

So in order to avoid the second tide against you this year, pick a fast boat or a double. Stop at Sackville when the tide is against you. Do not linger at Wisemans when the tide is with you. Landcrew this year the tide at Wisemans is high and going out...

Above: Typical paddling times 4pm vs 5pm starts

LCRKers at the 2019 HCC - Definites and Probables in random order

 LCRK PaddlerHCC/Dash?ClassAge DivBoatStart p.m.Record
1Duncan J and Jeff HHCC  Vindicator  
2John 'Denver' DuffyHCCBoB1 Sonic  
3James PHCC  Think ION  
4Tony HystekHCC  Vajda Spirit  
5Peter FitzHCC  Ski  
6Trevor NicholsHCC  Ski  
7Ruby ArdrenHCC  K1 (Civet Cat)  
8David Young and Peter ManleyHCC  Double Ski  
9Naomi JHCC  K1 (Bettong)  
10Tom SimmatHCC  Collins Class  
11Wade RHCCBoB1 Ski  
12RLJHCC  Ski  
13Gareth Stokes (which blue shirt though?)HCC     
16Chris ThompsonHCC  Lrec1  
17Eric FilmalterHCC  Lrec1  
18David VeiversHCC  Ski  
19Rich and KegHCC  Slade Supersonic  
20Brendan TrewarthaHCC     
21Don JohnstoneHCCBoB1 Stellar Ski  
22John LawDashDashing    

Plenty of room here for more!

Volunteer's NameLocationJobComment
Naomi J and her correspondentsOmnipresentWrite race report 
Oscar C with Paul Van K Fiona RaeFrom Shed to WindsorTransport club stuff from the shed 
Paul Van K, Oscar C Fiona RaeWindsorSet -up marquee, table, chairs etcWe'll be setup by around 8:00am is usual claim
Tony CarrWindsorSell Club caps and shirts and issue club cylumes (already procured by John DWear a white cap on the water
Get your land crew to wear a club shirt or cap
Ian W, Tom H, Jana O, OscarWindsorPhotos 
Many (anyone still there)WindsorTake down marquee, clear club site, pack carsFrom 4:45
Caroline and Mark Oscar ChrisWindsor/WisemansTransport marquee, table, chairs, etc to Wisemans and set up 
Ian WPitt TownPhotos & cheer squad 
?CattaiPhotos & cheer squad 
Tim McNSackvillePaddler checklist and arriving paddler lookoutGood eyes and operates radio
Peter HarrisSackvilleCoordinator /checklist coordinator 
Paul VanKSackvilleCoordinator /checklist coordinatorGood eyes also
JustinSackvilleBoat handling coordinator, also with radio to find landcrewsAssists land crew at beach
Adrian ClaytonSackvilleIn-water assistance 
Jana O & Marg-FMSackvillePhotos 
OscarWisemansDirect transportBring clock/battery, hose, BBQ gas bottle(s), tables (2), folding chairs, urn, toolbox
Caroline and MarkWisemansSetup marquee, clock, lights generators, etc. at Wisemans site 
Adrian CLaytonWisemansPaddling checklist, arriving paddler lookout, departing paddlers list 
Tony Carr Chris DengWisemansSPECIAL free catering for LCRKers 
Jana OWisemansPhotos 
Jeff TonazziWisemansBoat Handler 1Mud lark or cold water lark organising/supporting land crews
Mark HempelWisemansBoat Handler 2Mud lark or cold water lark organising/supporting land crews
Chris JohnsonWisemansBoat Handler 3Mud lark or cold water lark organising/supporting land crews
CarolineWisemansThe Boss 
Tony C and everyone still thereWisemansTake down and load all itemsFrom 1am
Oscar C with Chris JTransport from WisemansLoad and transport some items to Shed/home 
OscarWisemans to home (next day)Transport all remaining itemsmorning
 Mooney MooneyClub member welcome (with LCRK flag) and assistance, video recordingfrom arrival at Deerubbin Reserve 1:00am until at least after peak paddler arrival period
Any LCRK landcrewerMooney MooneyPhotos +1:00 am onwards

HCC 2019 Tides and Weather and Moon

The conditions for 2019 (at least from a moonlight and tide perspective) are likely to see some high and low tides. Noting the current change lags the changing of the tide. There's a new moon due on 28 Oct which means no moonlight, besides which it sets at 5pm Saturday! It's going to be a DARK night!

Above: 2019 tides and moon (weather tba)

Club Support

2019 HCC 'Calculator'

LCRK is please to provide this Microsoft Excel based 'calculator' which is preloaded with HCC 2019 Tides all the way up to Windsor and incorporating associated tidal and riverine flows (all other things being equal which they never are!!). To use, download the tool, open up Excel, adjust ONLY the yellow shaded cells ie:-

  1. Update your Windsor start time
  2. Update your expected base speed (either constant for whole 100km, or you can slow yourself down as your energy flags)
  3. Adjust your expected stop time (eg if it's 1/2hr then enter as =0.5/24 to keep excel happy!)
  4. The calculator will then derive your ETA at respective checkpoints, including adjustments for current.
  5. The course map (separate worksheet) will be automatically updated and can be printed out/laminated on a single A4 page for you &/or your landcrew.
  6. Print out different versions eg at 9km/h, 10km/h, 11km/h base speed - you'll know by your first stop which one you should be using!
  7. How do you work out your base speed? See Tom Holloway's excellent article for more detail but he recommends assuming you paddle at 90% of your time trial speed. Stops are additional as are delays waiting for one or more car ferries. Your average speed overall will probably be around 85% of your time trial speed, all else being equal. See this PDF.
  8. Note that whilst there's a bit of science behind this tool - there are many other important variables in play including wind, river knowledge, washriding etc - which can make the tool a bit of sideshow. Use the tool in conjunction with ALL your planning.

Download the 2019 calculator

Above: Calculator produces prepopulated map showing ETA's

For those wanting more detail. The new calculator identifies tides at Fort Denison (HH, LL, H, L), then adjusts that tide all the way up to Windsor some 5-7 hours later. Current patterns have been modelled for 4 sections of the river (between stops) using data from MHL, DPW etc. Your ETA at a particular checkpoint is adjusted based on your base paddle speed and the anticipated current at the time you are travelling. Short or long stops will affect the tide you catch (or are caught by). Further fine tuning CAN be done - but no point over-engineering it, you might be affected by winds, broken down ferries, unplanned swims etc. Good luck!

LCRK Club Hawkesbury Training Paddles 2019

With a full competition calendar, including the Wyong Ultra Marathon, the Myall Classic and the Clarence 100 the week before this year’s Hawkesbury Classic there are good opportunities for getting some excellent competitive kilometres under your belt.

For this reason and to try and help you improve your preparation we have added some distance into the Club’s Hawkesbury training paddles. They are designed to help you with refamiliarising yourself with where you should be and when on the night given the expected tidal conditions.

The first of this year’s training paddles will be focusing on the section below Wiseman’s from Low Tide Pitstop through to Bar Point, Milson’s Passage and to the finish.

The second training paddle will focus on maximising distance and time through the Big W where the tide is expected to turn to carry you to the finish.

Training Paddle 1

Aim: To get some distance training and plan route approaching Spenser, Bar Point through Milsons Passage to finish.
Date: Sunday 15th September - Mooney Mooney to Low Tide Pitstop Return
Distance: 45kms OR choose your own distance to return but paddle at least to Spencer 21kms return
Meet: 7:00am at Deerubbin Boat Ramp and Car Park. Briefing: 7:40am First start at 8:00am
Tides: Mooney Mooney Bridge High at 09:14am, Singleton Mill (Low Tide Pitstop) High at 10:21am
The idea is to paddle up with the tide and return on the outgoing tide.
NOTE: This paddle is weather dependent.

Training Paddle 2

Aim: To work out best route through Big W for the Hawkesbury
Date: Sunday 13th October - Naughty Wiseman’s Beach to Lower Portland Ferry Return
Distance: 37kms OR choose to return at 14km mark to return through the Big W. (option for 47km return to Dargle but requires an even earlier start - see the PDF)
Meet: 8:00am sharp at Naughty Wiseman’s Car Park. Turn left off end of Old Northern Road opposite Wiseman’s Ferry Public Wharf.
Briefing: 8:30am First start at 9:00am
Tides: Wiseman’s Ferry High at 10:28am (1.4m), Lower Portland High at 11:39am

At Windsor - From 10am to 5pm

Above: Wisemans Ferry Support. Photo Jana Osvald 2015
  • LCRK Marquee for shade and meeting point
  • Club shirts and caps for sale
  • Issue paddler, start list and contact list
  • Experts to offer advice, smiles and positive vibes
  • Group photo 2:30PM (Be at the LCRK marquee at 2:25pm)
  • Mandatory race briefing is at tba pm
  • Marquee will be moved to Wisemans at 5:30pm

At Sackville - from 6:30pm until last LCRK paddler through

  • Radio warning to your land crew of your approach
  • Illuminated LCRK sign to identify our shared meeting point
  • Shared land crew support in landing and re-launching each paddler
  • Informal tracking of LCRK craft passing through\\Reminder to paddlers to check out at 2nd Sackville checkpoint

At Wisemans - from 8:30pm until last paddler through

  • LCRK meeting point 40 metres downriver from main launching ramp (see photos below - look for the red electronic timing board used for our Time Trials)
  • LCRK marquee
  • Free catering for LCRK land crew and social HCC paddlers (thanks Tony Carr!)
  • Informal tracking of LCRK craft passing through
  • Club support for land crews in landing and re-launching their paddlers
  • Reminder to paddlers to check out at 2nd Wiseman's checkpoint.

Low Tide Pit-Stop

If you need a last stop on your down-river run and succumb to the "sirens", you will, as usual, be offered smiles, "mud angel" landing and re-launching services, sometimes "paddle through" service; fire for warmth; smiles; hot food and drink; and more smiles - this is not a club facility but a wonderful service volunteered annually to all participants. Remember the location this year is about half a kilometre upstream from its old spot –it is at a boat ramp (= less mud!)

Preparation Reading

General Advice



Stretching/Injury Prevention

Landcrew Advice

Maps & Planning

Garmin GPX Track

  • HCC.zip Unzip, copy into your Garmin, and set to visible using garmin menu.

For planning and safety purposes please note: The HCC is not 111km, it is actually 100km. Also, it does not finish at Brooklyn, it finishes at Mooney Mooney (Deerubbin Reserve)

HCC - Current Class Record Holders

LCRK members past and present currently hold over 20 class records.

K1Ladies 40+Ruby Ardren201811:08:15
K1Vet60+Tom Simmat200911:09:12
K1Ladies Vet60+Ann Lloyd Green201613:57:29
K2Vet50+Bruce Goodall, Jeremy Spear20149:33:57
K4Ladies 40+Anjie Lees, Jana Osvald, Wendy Andrews, Kerrie Murphy201812:27:40
K4LadiesMargaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Buzz Powell, Sandra Burwood20069:29:40
K4Mixed Vet40+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Warren Huxley, Bernard Craggs200810:07:36
K4Mixed Vet50+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Warren Huxley, Rob Cook201010:18:23
K4Ladies Vet50+Our Rae Duffy with Merridy Huxley, Dee Ratliffe and Clare McArthur201310:53:59
TK1LadiesMargaret Cook198510:44:49
TK2Ladies Vet40+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley200310:46:04
Short RecVet50+Tom Simmat20079:58:35
Short RecVet60+Tom Simmat201210:35:24
Short RecVet70+Tom Simmat201811:24:30
Med RecOpenToby Hogbin20109:18:22
Med RecLadies Vet50+Rae Duffy201210:55:09
Med RecVet60+Tom Simmat20109:54:05
Long RecOpenBruce Goodall20009:37:50
Long RecLadies Vet50+Liz Winn200810:59.33
Long RecLadies Vet60+Ann Lloyd-Green201314:02:57
Long RecVet50+Bob Turner201410:02:49
Long RecVet60+Tom Simmat20119:59:07
Long Rec 2MixedKristy Benjamin & Bob Turner20128:58:02
Rec 2Vet40+Kenji Ogawa, Genkai So200010:36:34
Long Rec 2Mixed Vet 50+Urs Mader, Arni Mader200710:06:20
Ocean Racing SkiLadies Vet50+Roz Green201512:47:59
Ocean Racing SkiLadies Vet40+Anjie Lees201411:08:12
Ocean Racing SkiVet40+Brendan Trewartha20178:38:47
Ocean Racing SkiVet60+Tony Hystek20169:06:32
SSK2Mixed Vet40+Joy and Rich Robinson20159:28:31
UnrestrictedOpenToby Hogbin20128:18:19
UnrestrictedLadiesJulie Stanton200610:13:30
UnrestrictedLadies Vet40+Anjie Lees201511:41:14
UnrestrictedVet60+Tony Hystek201810:12:14
UnrestrictedVet70+Adrian Clayton201711:54:12
Unrestricted 2Mixed Vet40+Bruce Goodall, Christine Lalor20078:57:57
Unrestricted 2Mixed Vet50+Alanna Ewin, Tony Hystek20178:50:42
Unrestricted 2Vet50+Tony Hystek, Timothy Hookins20078:57:00
SSK2Mixed Vet40+Joy and Rich Robinson20169:05:38

HCC - The Whiddon Trophy (Fastest Time)

  • 2009 Matt Blundell
  • 2010 Matt Blundell

HCC - Participation (incl 2018)

35 or moreRichard Barnes
20 or moreKenji Ogawa
15 or moreMargaret Cook, Don Rowston, Merridy Huxley, Peter Fitzgerald, Tom Simmat, John Duffy
10 or moreMartin Dearnley, Bruce Goodall, Rob Vallis, Warren Huxley, Urs Mader, Derek Simmonds

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