Policies & Procedures

1. Welcome to LCRK Flyer

A brief introduction to LCRK for new and prospective Members

2. Dark TT procedures

This 1 pager provides a succinct view of the requirements for TT's which finish (or start) in the dark. For visitors and Members new to dark TT's. Summarised from broader content on the Safety page on this website.

3. Policy for LCRK Time Trial Risk Management and Emergency Procedures

This document covers the risk management procedures and emergency actions to be followed in the management of Time Trials held by Lane Cove River Kayakers (LCRK) on Wednesday evenings between the times of 6:15 pm and 8:00 pm. The purpose of the document is to provide an overview of safety precautions and basic procedures to follow in a range of emergencies.

4. Policy for LCRK Boat Hire

LCRK currently owns a number of boats and other items for the use of Members. All boats require a minimum level of proficiency and are invariably faster/less stable than those at commercial kayak hire facilities. You need to be familiar with the LCRK Boat Hire Policy and the conditions under which a boat is made available to you.

5. Policy for LCRK Capital Fund

The document below sets out the clubs policy for establishing a fund for contributing to potential future works to LCRK Infrastructure. The primary source of funds is by donation

6. Integrity Update 31 Oct 2023