LCRKers and the 2013 Hawkesbury Canoe Classic

'The Classic' was Started by NSW Outward Bound Ex Students Association in 1977. It runs overnight close to the full moon in late October or early November and starts at Windsor and finishes at Mooney Mooney. In 1977 the race had 250 paddlers and raised $8,500 for the Arrow Foundation and has now grown to over 600 paddlers and raises over $300,000 per year. Those paddlers just wanting to have a fun and social evening can enter the Brooklyn or Bust classes whilst the more competitive paddlers challenge themselves to beat previous records or their own PB's.

This year's LCRK presence at the HCC is being coordinated by Paul van Koesveld

Preparation Reading

Body, Mind and Boat Preparation

2013 Hawkesbury River Out-and-Back "Famils" for LCRK Members

  • Sunday 28 July 2013: Mooney Mooney to Spencer and back, 25km or 2.5 - 3 hours, 10:30am on the water
  • Sunday 18 August 2013: Wisemans Ferry DOWNstream and back, around 3 hours, 9:00am on the water
  • Wednesday 25 September 2013: 2 x 12km night paddle on our own river, usual 6:30pm start
  • Saturday 12 October 2013: Wiseman's Ferry UPstream around 3.5 hours, 9:00am on the water

Other Preparatory Event Suggestions 2013

  • The Marathon 10 series followed by the State Marathon Championships on 21-22 September offers close competitive experience over 10, 15 or 10km to hone your technique under pressure
  • 13 September: the Myall Classic (47km or 23km events) on the Myall River can top off your training
  • Training paddles organized by individual members


Garmin GPX Track

  • Unzip, copy into your Garmin, and set to visible using garmin menu.

For planning and safety purposes please note: The HCC is not 111km, it is actually close to 100km. Also, it does not finish at Brooklyn it finishes at Mooney Mooney.

Don't forget club clothing for participants and land crew!

Club Support

At Windsor - From 10am to 6pm

  • LCRK Marquee for shade and meeting point
  • Club shirts and caps for sale
  • Issue of LCRK tokens for ID at Wisemans BBQ
  • Issue or paddler, start list and contact list
  • Experts to offer advice, smiles and positive vibes
  • Group photo 2:30PM
  • Marquee will be moved to Wisemans at 6pm

At Sackville - from 5:30pm until last LCRK paddler through

Radio warning to your land crew of your approach
Lighted LCRK sign to identify our shared meeting point
Shared land crew support in landing and re-launching each paddler
Informal tracking of LCRK craft passing through\\Reminder to paddlers to check out at 2nd Sackville checkpoint

At Wisemans - from 6:30pm until last paddler through

LCRK meeting point 40 metres downriver from main launching ramp (see photos below)
Andrew Mackay's "Magoo" free BBQ catering for LCRK land crew and social HCC paddlers
Informal tracking of LCRK craft passing through
Club support for land crews in landing and re-launching their paddlers
Reminder to paddlers to check out at 2nd Wiseman's checkpoint.

Low Tide Pit-Stop

If you need a last stop on your down-river run and succumb to the "sirens", you will, as usual, be offered smiles, "mud angel" landing and re-launching services; fire for warmth; smiles; hot food and drink; and more smiles - this is not a club facility but a wonderful service volunteered annually to all participants.

Likely LCRK Participants (in order of response or discovery)

Paddler's NameClassComment
Tom HollowayMRECBurn X
Jack Kesby, Peter Edney, Neil Raffan and Merrick UnderwoodK4The LCRK K4
Phil Geddes & Paul van KoesveldV60+ Long Rec2Zero Tolerance
Caron JanderL40+ ORS1Epic V10 Sport
Jeff TonazziM40+ Med Rec1Epic V8
Matt SwannV50+ Long rec1Flyer
Christian CoxORS1V10
John DuffyMRECFrank McDonald Flash
Derek SimmondsLong recFlyer
Ruby GambleMed recMarauder
(Tony Carr)M60+ Long Rec1Challenger
Bruce GoodallM40+ Long Rec1Renegade
Paul SeabergORS1Epic V10 ski
Tim HookinsV60+ ORS1Fenn
Dave Hammond & Tony D'AndretiOpen Long Rec 2SLR2
Bettina OtterbeckL Open TK1TK1
Cathy Miller & Trevor WatersMixed 50+ Long Rec2Mirage 730
Ann Lloyd-GreenV60+ Long Rrec1Horizon Tourer
Jason CooperBoBThink ski
James Mumme & John ThearleV40+ Long Rec 2Zero Tolerance
Neil DuffyV50+ Medium recFlash
Rae Duffy, Merridy Huxley, Dee Ratcliffe & Clare McArthurK4 50+ 
Richard BarnesM50+ OC1 
Meg ThorntonL50+ UnrestrictedStellar SEI ski
(Jeff Beere)M40+ ORS1Fenn XT
Justin PaineM60+ Med RecFlash
Craig EllisM40+ ORS1Epic?
Andrew BenoitBoB1skin on frame polar Greenlander by AB
Anjie LeesL40+ ORS1Challenger
(Tim Knox)  
Nick ChaiM40+ Long Rec1Flyer
(Steve Newsome)ORS1Epic
Richard DiazBoB1Prion sea kayak
Okkie EsterhuizenM 50+ ORS1Epic V10S
Chris Quirk, Stuart Myers & David GoodieBoB2Triple ski
Andrew KucyperBoB1Mirage 580
Adrian FlemmingBoB1Customcraft Horizon Sequel
Bob TurnerLong rec 1Time Traveller
Glenn OrchardM40+ ORS1Fenn
Kenji OgawaM60+ Long Rec1Flyer
Jonathon PetersV40+ Med Rec1Tiderace
Heather KentL40+ Med Rec1Mirage 530
Jeremy SpearM50+UN1
Chris ThompsonBoB1Mirage 580
David YoungM50+ ORSEpic
Rob ManningBoB2Canadian canoe
Shane GibsonM40+ ORS1Think
(Stuart French)BoB1Epic V8
(Adrian Clayton)M60+ Long Rec1 
Glenn PhilpottM40+ ORS1Epic V10

2013 Support jobs and volunteers

Volunteer's NameLocationJobComment
Nigel and DuncanWindsorTransport & Setup marqueeWe'll be setup by 10am, probably earlier
NigelWindsorClub shirts and capsWear a white or blue cap on the water
Get your land crew to wear a club shirt or cap
Yana OsvaldWindsor+Photos 
Nigel and DuncanWindsorTake down and transport marqueeDirect to Wisemans
Tim DoddSackvillePaddler checklist and arriving paddler lookout 1Good eyes and operates radio
Don RowstonSackvilleCoordinatorSupports LCRK sign and announces paddler arrival to land crews
Jon HarrisSackvilleBoat handling coordinator/checklist coordinatorAssists land crew
Nigel and DuncanWisemansTransport and setup marquee, clock, etc.By 6:30pm Note: new location
Duncan or WadeWisemansPaddling checklist and arriving paddler lookout 
Andrew MackayWisemans"Magoo's" famous cooking 
Wade RowstonWisemansBoat Handler 1"Mud lark" or simply cold water lark
Paul Gibson, Richard and Joy RobinsonWisemansBoat Handler 2"Mud lark" or simply cold water lark
DuncanWisemansPaddler Check-listExpected, arriving and departing LCRK paddlers
Duncan and WadeWisemansCoordinate Pack-up 
Wade, DuncanWisemansTransportBring carpets, clock/battery, hose, BBQ gas bottle, tables (3), chairs, urn, car fridge
Wade, DuncanWisemansTake down and transport all itemsAbout 1am

2013 Hawkesbury River Famil 1, Mooney Mooney/Spencer, 28 July 10:30am on the water

Paddlers attendingBoat type/colourAny Comment
Derek SimmondsFlyer 
Meg ThorntonV10 Sport ski 
Dru SporkZegul sea kayak 
Richard DiazPrion sea kayak 
Tom SimmattAdvisor and Mentor with Christine 
Paul van KoesveldS18S ski 
Tony MathersEpic 18 
Tom HollowayFlash 
Anjie LeesChallenger 
Kate LordMarauder 
Wade RowstonRenegade 
Ruby GambleMarauder 
Justin PaineFlash 

2013 Hawkesbury River Famil 2, Wiseman's Ferry DOWNstream and return, 18 August 9:00am on the water

Paddlers attendingBoat type/colourAny Comment
Christan CoxV10 ski 
Paul SeabergV10 ski 
Dru SporkZegul sea kayak 
Tom SimmatGuru and mentor 
Meg ThorntonStellar ski 
Ruby GambleMarauder 
Phil Geddes & Paul van KoesveldZero Tolerance 
Jeff TonazziV10 ski 
Tin HookinsFenn ski 
Anjie LeesChallenger 
Bettina OtterbeckTK1 
Tom HollowayMed rec? 
Richard DiazPrion sea kayak 

2013 Hawkesbury River Famil 3, Naughty Wisemans, upstream and back, SATURDAY12 October 9:00am on the water

Expected PaddlerBoat type/colourAny Comment
Richard DiazPrion sea kayak 
Jeff TonazziV8 ski 
Dave Hammond & "Keg" D'AndretiSLR2 
Tom SimmatGuru and mentorInFenity ski
Meg ThorntonStellar SEI ski 
Jonathon Peters  
Phil Geddes & Paul van KoesveldZero Tolerance 
Christian CoxV10 ski 
David YoungV10 ski 
Anjie LeesChallenger 
Andrew KucyperMirage 580 
Tom HollowayBurn X 
Bettina OtterbeckTK1 
Alanna Ewin & Danielle Seisundouble ski 
Jonathon PetersTiderace sea kayak 
Craig EllisV10 ski 
Heather Kent530 
Chris Thompson580 
Andrew Benoit  
John DuffyFlash 
Ann Lloyd-GreenHorizon Tourer 

LCRK Achievements at the HCC

HCC - Commonwealth Bank Cup

The Commonwealth Bank Cup competition was started in 1988 to encourage friendly competition between kayak clubs. Clubs accumulate points based on a formula of kilometers paddled, number of finishers and how close representatives come to current class records.

LCRK has had an excellent history in the Cup, winning it 18 years out of the 24 years it has been running.

LCRK Commonwealth Cup wins;

  • 2010 - 2012
  • 2003 - 2008
  • 1990 - 1999 (as Lane Cove Valley Canoe Club)

HCC - Current Class Record Holders

LCRK members past and present currently hold over 20 class records.

K1Vet60+Tom Simmat200911:09:12
K4LadiesMargaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Buzz Powell, Sandra Burwood20069:29:40
K4Mixed Vet40+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Warren Huxley, Bernard Craggs200810:07:36
K4Mixed Vet50+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley, Warren Huxley, Rob Cook201010:18:23
TK1LadiesMargaret Cook198510:44:49
TK2Ladies Vet40+Margaret Cook, Merridy Huxley200310:46:04
Short RecVet50+Tom Simmat20079:58:35
Short RecVet60+Tom Simmat201210:35:24
Med RecOpenToby Hogbin20109:18:22
Med RecLadies Vet50+Liz Winn200612:32:43
Med RecVet60+Tom Simmat20109:54:05
Long RecOpenBruce Goodall20009:37:50
Long RecLadies Vet50+Liz Winn200810:59.33
Long RecVet40+Bruce Goodall20059:49:35
Long RecVet50+James Mumme200810:05:10
Long RecVet60+Tom Simmat20119:59:07
Rec 2MixedKirsty Benjamin & Bob Turner20128:58:??
Rec 2Vet40+Kenji Ogawa, Genkai So200010:36:34
Rec 2Mixed Vet 50+Urs Mader, Arni Mader201210:40:12
Long Rec 2Ladies Vet40+Raewyn Duffy, Kate Nicholls200911:41:22
Long Rec 2Mixed Vet40+Bruce Goodall, Christine Lalor20069:26:26
Long Rec 2Mixed Vet 50+Urs Mader, Arni Mader200710:06:20
UnrestrictedOpenToby Hogbin20128:18:19
UnrestrictedLadiesJulie Stanton200610:13:30
Unrestricted 2Mixed Vet40+Bruce Goodall, Christine Lalor20078:57:57
Unrestricted 2Vet40+Graeme Jeffries, Ian Hofstetter20058:52:23
Unrestricted 2LVet40+Janet & Fred201210:43:??
Unrestricted 2Vet50+Tony Hystek, Timothy Hookins20078:57:00

HCC - The Whiddon Trophy (Fastest Time)

  • 2009 Matt Blundell
  • 2010 Matt Blundell

HCC - Participation

30 or moreRichard Barnes
15 or moreMargaret Cook, Kenji Ogawa, Don Rowston
10 or moreMartin Dearnley, Bruce Goodall, Rob Vallis, Tom Simmat, John Duffy, Warren Huxley, Merridy Huxley