In addition to the Wednesday night paddle there are several informal training sessions open to members. Please contact the members below about joining in, or email to check times and attendance.


  • Day/s: Tuesday and some Friday's
  • Time/s: 6:15 am on the water at the pontoon
  • Distance: 12k
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Level: intermediate
  • Speed: 10kph
  • Training activity: technique improvement and interval training
  • Members: Wade Rowston, Don Johnstone, Duncan Johnstone, Adrian Clayton. Tim Binns

Additional info: We are pretty regular, but lapse some days, Best to contact to confirm training and discuss before coming to the river. Showers are available at the club post training.


  • Time and Location: LCRK Club Pontoon. Friday mornings, 5.55am for a run then 6am at latest on the water
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Regular Participants: Tony Hystek, Naomi Johnson, Bruce Gynther, Wade Rowston, Duncan Johnston, Alanna Ewin, Tim Binns
  • Training Style: Members only coaching for K1 paddlers or those aspiring to a K1
  • Speed: 10kph
  • Showers available at the club after training
  • Contact: