Boat Hire, Club Boats and Equipment

Boat Hire Bookings (available to LCRK Club Members Only)

LCRK currently owns a number of boats and other items for the use of Members. All boats require a minimum level of proficiency and are invariably faster/less stable than those at commercial kayak hire facilities. You need to be familiar with the LCRK Boat Hire Policy and the conditions under which a boat is made available to you.
Download the LCRK Boat Hire Policy (456K PDF)
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Prices are as follows from 14 April 2016:

LocationUseExampleHire Period#Price
On-SiteLCRK supported activityWed Time Trial, Training Squad1 Day$10
On-SitePersonal use 1 Day$20
On-SitePersonal use 7 days$40
Off-SiteLCRK supported activityRepresenting LCRK at event7 days$20
Off-SitePersonal use 7 days$50

# Prices shows are for indicated hire period or part thereof

The revised pricing structure better reflects the cost of running/maintaining the Club fleet. Note that any special requests will be considered on merit.

For booking club boats contact the LCRK Committee via

  • Please take CARE of the boat - they have an aversion to anything harder than water (eg rocks, oysters)
  • Do not at any stage place boat on hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, pontoon or worn grass
  • Use fold out chairs provided in the Shed for setting up boat
  • The boat is to be washed and dried before returning to the shed - same rack, same fore/aft orientation
  • Please report any damage/maintenance issues (use the email above)

Club Boats and Equipment

Items available for the use of Members are listed below.

BoatTypeBrand/Model (+link to pics/ reviews)Stability 1-10Time range for 12kmSteeringColourComment
#1KIVadja Minisonic572-78TillerBlue on WhitePaddler <60kg and slight build else you won't fit!
#2TK1Compkraft4.573-78TillerRed on WhiteFlatwater racing kayak. Suitable for advanced beginners
#5MRecSladecraft / Flash6.567-70PedalGreen on WhiteThe Frank McDonald - intermediate level Med Rec
#6Sea kayakKayakpro /Marlin868-77PedalWhiteStable with some speed potential
#8K1Nelo /Viper 601072-80TillerGreen on YellowExtremely wide/stable K1 with tiller and K1 seating. Suitable for beginner
#10K2Club2.558-64TillerYellow & Green Stripes on WhiteFaster than Grey Nurse but marginally less stable
#11UN1Sladecraft / Sonic5.565-67PedalBlack on WhiteFast kayak for fairly advanced paddlers
#12Long RecElliott /Renegade664-68PedalDark Blue on WhiteFast and reasonably stable
#13SSK2Carbonology double455-62PedalWhite / WhiteDonated by Craig Ellis. Fast
#14K1Quantum /Tornado567-72TillerRed and Blue on WhiteIntermediate K1. a nice transition boat into K1's
#15K1Kayakpro /Burn4.565-69TillerBlue on WhiteIntermediate K1. Paddler <75kg due to repairs
#17K1Comp.Kayaks / Sting256-62TillerBlue on WhiteDonated by Jess Flanagan. small K1 for <75kg
 K4Competition Kayaks350-64TillerWhiteLots of fun - have a go!
 LRec2Elliott Vulcan6.561-67Pedal Fast double. Suitable for intermediate paddlers. Front Steering. Good HCC Boat
 TrailerHyspear106-12WheelWhite on BlueTrailer suitable for several boats including K4s
 Paddling ErgErg1050-80NilWhiteStable with some speed potential

If you would like to use any of these then please email committee(AT)

#2 and #3 TK1's