2023/24Duncan JohnstoneDon JohnstoneAlanna EwinPeter Manley
2022/23Duncan JohnstoneRichard YatesAlanna EwinPeter Manley
2021/22John DuffyRichard YatesAlanna EwinCraig Salkeld
2020/21John DuffyRichard YatesAlanna EwinTrevor Nichols
2019/20Alanna EwinRichard YatesWade RowstonIan Wrenford
2018/19Alanna EwinTracey HansfordDuncan JohnstoneIan Wrenford
2017/18Phil GeddesDuncan JohnstoneAlanna EwinJohn Duffy
2016/17Phil GeddesDuncan JohnstoneWade RowstonJohn Duffy
2015/16Paul van KoesveldTom HollowayWade RowstonPhil Geddes
2014/15Paul van KoesveldTom HollowayWade RowstonPhil Geddes
2013/14Wade RowstonTom HollowayPaul van KoesveldPhil Geddes
2012/13Wade RowstonTom HollowayPaul van KoesveldNigel Colless
2011/12Matt SwannNigel CollessTim DoddNigel Colless
2010/11Matt SwannTim DoddIan WilsonSimon Mann
2009/10Steve Russell-Ian WilsonRoger Aspinall
2008/09Rob VallisMatt SwannIan WilsonSimon Mann
2007/08Graeme Jeffries-Tim HookinsNick Chai
2006/07Tim HookinsDerek SimmondsJames MummeNick Chai
2005/06Tim HookinsDerek SimmondsJames MummeNick Chai
2004/05Roger Aspinall Mark SierMark Sier
2003/04Roger Aspinall Roger DeaneRoger Deane
2002/03Martin Dearnley Mark SierRoger Deane
2001/02Roger Deane 
2000/01Roger Deane Roger DeaneDavid Warlters


Paddling Distance Awards - reflects number of time trials (Singles) completed since the timing system has been operating (2007)

50+ 12km100+ 12km150+ 12km200+ 12km250+ 12km
Claudio BattistelPeter FitzgeraldAnjie LeesDuncan JohnstoneMartin Dearnley
Trevor NicholsDarren WilliamsJon HarrisMatt AchesonAdrian Clayton
David VeiversGlen OrchardMatt SwannRichard BarnesDavid Young
Nigel CollessIan WilsonDavid HammondToby HogbinPete Conway
Ryan CousinsIan HofstetterJeffrey TonazziJeremy Spear 
Don AndrewsCraig SalkeldPhil GeddesDerek Simmonds 
Graham ClelandTim DoddPaul van KoesveldRob Llewellyn-Jones 
john ThearleRuby ArdrenMichael MuellerNaomi Johnson 
Nick ChaiLen HedgesJeff CollinsDon Johnstone 
Craig EllisAndrew LoveJames FarrellGraeme Jeffries 
Andrew MathersDavid VeiversJames PralijaDavid Coward 
Paul SeabergMark HempelTony D'AndretiOscar Cahill 
Peter MillardRodrigo MatamalaTim BinnsPeter Manley 
Paul GibsonRichard Yates   
Jeff HosnellBrett Greenwood   
Chris JohnsonGrahame Young   
John HarrisonHarry Janecek   
Andrew PearceKeiran Babich   
Richard AndrewsJames Harrington   
Pauline FindlayMike Thom   
Nam Nguyen    
300+ 12km350+ 12km400+ 12km450+ 12km
Matt BlundellTim HookinsTim McNamaraWade Rowston
Tom HollowayJohn Duffy Tom Simmat
Tony Carr   
Tony Hystek   
50+ 12km Doubles100+ 12km Doubles150+ 12km Doubles200+ 12km Doubles
Tony WalkerCraig Ellis Tony Hystek
Suzie RhydderchAlanna EwinRichard Barnes 
Paul van KoesveldDuncan JohnstoneMatt Swann 
Jeremy SpearDave HammondTony D'Andreti 
Tim HookinsPhil GeddesChris Stanley 
Derek SimmondsRich Yates  
Don RowstonTim McNamara  
Ian Wilson   
John Greathead   
David Young   
Greg Morris   
Warwick Sherwood   
Matt Blundell   
Wade Rowston   
Anjie Lees   
Naomi Johnson   
Tim Binns   
Tom Simmat   
Jana Osvald   
James Pralija   
50+ 9km100+ 9km150+ 9km50+ 6km100+ 6km150+ 6km
Oscar CahillAndrew PearceTony CarrPeter HarrisGeorge von MartiniIan Wrenford
David VeiversIan Wrenford Tracey HansfordJana Osvald 
 Peter Harris Tony CarrJohn Greathead 
 Jana Osvald Jeff TonazziJustin Paine 
   Li Xin  
   Phil Geddes  
   Oscar Cahill  
   Elke van Ewyk  


2023Peter ManleyDavid LittleTony CarrTim Binns, Brent Gordon
2022Don JohnstoneJana OsvaldIan WrenfordJana Osvald
2021Mike ThomAnne CummingTony CarrTony D'Andreti
2020Trevor NicholsChris DengIan WrenfordNaomi Johnson, Adrian Clayton, Lee Wright
2019Chris JohnsonAlanna EwinKevin MulallyPaul van Koesveld
2018James PralijaIan Wrenford-David Young
2017Rob Llewellyn-JonesTony CarrJessica DuffyTony Hystek
2016Richard YatesPeter HarrisLouise WhiteMatt Swan
2015Oscar Cahill-George von MartiniAnjie Lees
2014Ruby Gamble-George von MartiniTim McNamara
2013Phil Geddes-Ruby GambleJeremy Spear
2012Tom Holloway-Tracey Hansford-
2011Nigel Colless-Justin Paine-
2010Tony Carr---
2009Jason Cooper---
2023Brent GordonAnne Skewes, Lyndsay BrookerJames Harrington, David CowardNaomi Johnson
2022John HarrisonNam NguyenBrett GreenwoodNaomi Johnson
2021Craig HutchinsonJohn LambertJames PralijaNaomi Johnson
2020Don Johnstone, Trevor NicholsDaniel DaltonBrett GreenwoodNaomi Johnson
2019Harry JanecekKevin MulallyDave CowardNaomi Johnson
2018James Pralija, Peter ManleyChris JohnsonDave CowardNaomi Johnson
2017Tim Binns, Alanna EwinChris StanleyMatt BlundellNaomi Johnson
2016Don JohnstoneRodney WalkerMatt BlundellRuby Ardren
2015David Young, Ella BeereDon Johnstone--
2014Ella Beere, Ruby GamblePeter Millard--
2013John Duffy, Jeremy SpearDru Spork--
2012Carmen Ellis, Janet Oldham, Friederike WelterAnjie Lees--
2011Wade Rowston---
2023Ian WrenfordPeter AveryEsther Wheeler
2022Tony HystekTim BinnsRichard Barnes
2021Jeff HosnellWade Rowston 
2020Chris JohnsonSimon Lewis 
  • Crudslime/Sugarloaf/Coffee - awarded to the Member who has accumulated the largest point score over the course of the calendar year (Best 9 of 12 possible Cup nights, minimum 6)
  • Rookie of the Year - A new member, new to paddling, who has shown improvement in times and has embraced the sport of paddling by participating in a range of events.
  • Most Improved - A member at the beginning of the calendar year who has shown most improvement in Wednesday Night and other events.
  • Turrumburra - the fastest mens singles paddler - average of best 15 12km time trials (minimum 15)
  • Womerah - the fastest womens singles paddler - average of best 15 12km time trials (minimum 15)
  • Paddlers Paddler - A member widely considered to have shown remarkable participation, dedication, achievement and support in LCRK activities, embodying the club spirit.
  • Squaddie of the Year - a regular squad attendee, enthusiastic and a desire to push their comfort zone, encouraging/supportive of others, receptive to feedback from coach/others, and ideally a level of paddling improvement.
  • The Blue Moon trophy is presented to an LCRK member who has been inspired to follow their own paddling goals and dreams. Contenders will be those who set their own goal/paddling dream – and plan for, train for, and execute it. This might be as ‘simple’ as a newer paddler working hard to paddle their first HCC, someone fulfilling a dream to paddle in the Worlds, someone successfully transitioning to a new paddling genre. Blue Moon is planned to be first awarded in December 2023.


2023Brendan Trewartha/Peter Manley 8:35:13Naomi Johnson 9:14:26Naomi Johnson 9:38:56Adrian Clayton 11:29:07
2019Brendan Trewartha 8:48:56Naomi Johnson 9:08:26Naomi Johnson 9:28:55Tom Simmat 10:46:38
2018Peter Fitzgerald/Brendan Trewartha 8:54:10Tom Simmat 9:18:48Ruby Ardren 11:08:15Tom Simmat 11:20:00
2017Brendan Trewartha 8:38:47Tony Hystek/Alanna Ewin 8:45:23----
2016Glen Orchard 8:51:12Tony Hystek 9:11:59----
2015Glen Orchard 8:51:55Joy & Richard Robinson 9:17:08----
2014Toby Hogbin 8:35:21Toby Hogbin 9:10:24----
2013Glen Orchard 9:01:14Glen Orchard 9:38:02----
2012Toby Hogbin 8:18:19Raewyn Duffy 8:48:42----
2011Bob Turner/Jason Cooper 9:05:30Tom Simmat 9:25:34----
2010Matt Blundell 8:35:36------
  • The LCRK Fastest Woman trophy has been hand-carved and donated by Justin Paine - and is awarded to the fastest finishing woman in a single craft.
  • The LCRK Oldest Classic Paddler trophy has been hand-carved and donated by Justin Paine - and is awarded to the oldest finishing paddler in any craft.
2023Richard Barnes for first solo, non-stop, unassisted crossing of the Tasman Sea (awarded in perpetuity)
2015-22not awarded
2014Anjie Lees (broke world women's 24 hour flatwater distance record - paddled 201.75km)
2012-13not awarded
2011Tom Simmat with Steve Pizzey (won the 2010 Yukon 1000)
2010not awarded
2009Richard Barnes and Phil Newman (circumnavigated Tasmania in 2007)
  • The Andrew McAuley Trophy honoured the memory of the legendary kayaker and adventurer who disappeared at sea in February 2007 when within a few kilometres of achieving his goal of becoming the first person to paddle from Australia to New Zealand. It was awarded by Lane Cove River Kayakers in conjunction with the McAuley family to a member who has undertaken an extraordinary task and is an ambassador to the spirit of kayaking. The trophy was awarded in perpetuity to Richard Barnes in 2023 for his Trans-Tasman crossing - fulfilling the dream of both Andrew and Richard.


2009Mark Sier
2009Roger Deane
2009James Castrission
2009Justin Jones
2011Justin Paine


2008Justin Paine
2010Tony Carr
2011Tim Hookins
2011Tom Simmat
2011Tony Hystek
2011Don Andrews
2013Phil Geddes
2013Adrian Clayton
2013Tim MacNamara
2015Dave Salter
2016Paul van Koesveld
2017Neil Carlyle
2017Jeff Hosnell
2018Brett Greenwood
2018Peter Harris
2019David Young
2019Rob LLewellyn-Jones
2019Ian Hofstetter
2020Simon Lewis
2020Chris Quirk
2020Duncan Johnstone
2021Lee Wright
2021Peter Fitzgerald
2021Peter Manley
2021Graham Cleland
2022Orlando Luminere
2022Kevin Mulally
2022David Coward
2023Ian Cooper
2023Pauline Findlay
2023Derek Simmonds
2023John Duffy
2024Phil Newman


12km Open SinglesBrett Greenwood49:162019
12km Women's SinglesCatherine Atkinson52:522021
12km Open DoublesMatt Blundell/Mike Snell47:302012
12km Women's DoublesNaomi Johnson/Ella Beere54:542018
12km Mixed DoublesDaniela Torre/Brett Greenwood50:412021
9km Open SinglesBruno Colos40:162022
9km Women's SinglesDaniela Torre46:362020
9km Open DoublesJames & Tim Harrington42:512023
9km Women's DoublesJana Osvald/Louise White66:512017
9km Mixed DoublesLiz Pratt/Ian Cooper46:412023
6km Open SinglesToby Hogbin25:062011
6km Women's SinglesElla Beere28:052015
6km Open DoublesRich Yates/Tony D'Andreti30:192023
6km Women's DoublesJanet Oldham/Friederike Welter35:112012
6km Mixed DoublesGlen Orchard/Natalie Orchard32:152014

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