Time Trial Cup Night

Singles Cup

On the first Time Trial of each month LCRK runs 'Cup Night' where paddlers start on their allocated handicap and are awarded Cup points based on their finishing position. There are (unsurprisingly) 12 Cup nights per year with the best 9 results accumulating to determine who gets the gongs. The 'best 9' approach adds an air of uncertainty with the result invariably going right up to the the last Cup night. The 'best 9' also provides a little relief for those who find themselves distracted by other priorities around work, home and family. The 3 cups on offer are:-

  • Crudslime Cup - awarded to the paddler with the best 9 of 12 Cup Night time trial results over 12km distance. A perpetual trophy is awarded and a right to wear boat number 1 for the following year
  • Sugarloaf Cup - as above for the 9km distance and with boat number 2 awarded
  • Coffee Cup - as above for the 6km distance and with boat number 3 awarded

The Cup Night time trial varies little from a normal time trial, other than we usually see more paddlers turning up, usually with more serious looks on their faces and usually putting in just that little bit more (but not too much) effort. If you want your result to count, you MUST start on your allocated handicap. The logic for this includes ensuring that first past the post is actually the winner, and also gives the field a clear visual indicator on who they have passed, and who they still need to pass. No points are awarded for those not starting on their allocated handicap.

The handicap is computer generated (we know that will impress you) based on your prior results - and has been carefully formulated from years of analysis. If you produce a PB on Cup night - you'll probably find your Cup Handicap adjusted to your disadvantage. If your PB was merely an aberration, slower paddles in subsequent Cup nights will probably find your handicap adjusted to your advantage - but not necessarily straight away! Further detail can be obtained either by volunteering to timekeep, or by extensive, surreptitious conversations at the Cafe. Your Singles Cup handicaps can be viewed here (noting that you should have paddled at least one time trial in your selected distance to allow the handicapper to handicap...).

Some may find that they are allocated timekeeping duties on Cup night - thus forfeiting their opportunity to get maximum Cup points. As a small compensation, timekeepers on Singles Cup night are awarded 40 Cup Points (paddlers have earned as few as 12 points on Cup night so this reward is not to be sneezed at!).

Doubles Cup

Note there is also Doubles Cup night on the 2nd Wednesday of the month which wins the unimaginatively named Doubles Cup. This is all pretty much as described above - with each paddler earning the same points based on their finishing position. Different pairings invariably yield different handicaps - it is not often we've seen the Doubles Cup awarded to more than one paddler... Timekeeping on Doubles Cup night earns you 45 points.

Your Doubles Cup handicap can be viewed here.