LCRK Fleet - #17 Competition Kayaks Sting

  • Stability Rating (1-10): 2
  • Time range for 12 Km for paddler at level of boat: 56-62 minutes
  • Steering: Tiller
  • Colour: Blue on White
  • Comments: Kindly donated by Jess Flanagan in 2016. small K1 for ~75kg


(reviewed by Armand Le Roux - July 2016) '''A fast, light flatwater K1, accelerates (stings!) very quickly off the mark. Excellent tracking and washriding characteristics although steering is lazy at turn buoys (normal for a fast boat).

The seat did not chafe or cause any discomfort over a series of paddles over a 2 week period. I believe this boat can also accommodate larger paddlers, perhaps up to 85kg. at 77kg I could feel that if the conditions got rough I would bounce about somewhat, whereas a heavier paddler would perhaps be more stable.

I would say this boat is perhaps slightly more stable than a Nelo Vanquish, very similar to the older Cleaver X.'''